Hemorrhoid lance on Tuesday?

I had a hemorrhoid that was lance Tuesday morning (where the numb you and cut it open to drain it).... and now I hold 2 more hemorrhoids that are about the same size as that one be. They don't hurt as bad, mostly they are just humiliated.. I went to the ER Tuesday morning which is where they did it at. My interview is, should I go back to own these two lanced since they came in the region of so quickly, or should I just hang around it out and see how it goes? Has anyone ever had this done beforehand?
ugh. what a lovely state of health, eh? i would wait and see since they are not as hurting. try sitting in a hot bath. lots of fruit and fiber so you can poop smoothly. the only reason to spar a hemmi is if it is clotted or infected, otherwise they should go away by themselves.

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