Can your diet affect Hemorrhoid flare up?

Or are there certain types of food or ingredients that can put together things worse. Also can stress have an affect, and are hemorrhoids hereditary? My mother have an operation for them when she was 40, and my father is 64 and has never have them. I am in my early 30's and have my first one at 30 and second one a month ago, is there anything I can do to help prevent flare up?
Don't eat things that constipate you? Source(s): blustery guess
guzzle a diet high in fiber...nuts, wheats, fruits and vegis..should gentle them down, not sure if it's hereditary, though
As far as diet's concerned, you need to produce sure that your poor old anal sphincter doesn't have to work - because 'straining at stool' is promising to produce indescribable damage. (Indescribable for reasons of apposite taste, that is). So you must eat a high-fibre diet that will bequeath you one or two firm but easy-to-pass stools.

If adding fibre by technique of vegetables, bran, etc., doesn't work, try adding a bulking agent - psyllium husk is easy to find, not especially expensive, and doesn't taste vile. Just follow the instructions and drink it down as soon as it's made - put a pinch of powder in some wet and watch how quickly it bulks up.

What you *mustn't* do lower than any circumstances is take laxatives. They'll simplly make the problem worse. Enough roughage for easy stools - that's what you need to aim for.
Hemorrhoids are weak walls in the intestines so anything specifically hard for them to push through or too acidic when it go through can cause irritation and flare ups or bleeding. Eat lots of fiber and drink lots of water to minister to them stay healthey. The hemorrhoids are not what may be heriditary but having the weak intestinal walls can be. Then, because you own those weak walls you do not eat properly and it creats the problems. Avoid foods that incentive constipation and be sure you keep bran and fiber and lots of water within your diet. There are some medications that help soothe and make well them also so check with your doctor for the best ones for you.
eat fruit and vegetables. preferably no cast-offs food, bread and things that constipate your bowels. drink lots of water and everything will flow freely out of your tiny ring piece. oh yea and avoid anal sex or inserting things if you are into that kind of entry
dehydration/constipation forces you to strain your sphincter muscles and can lead to hemmorhoids.
There is some thought that hemorrhoids my be somewhat inherent. There seems to be a familial tendency, although it probably plays a small role.

We certainly all have hemorrhoids. What cause problems is when they swell, causing symptoms (most commonly pain, itching and bright red blood from trauma).

Things you can do to prevent a flare-up include: avoid constipation, bulk loss (if you're obese), avoid prolonged sitting - whether at work or on the toilet, wash that area regularly.

Fiber supplements and ingestion a diet high in fiber are severely helpful because they keep you regular and keep hold of the stool softer, reducing the trauma that may cause a hemorrhoid to get worse. Stool softeners are also assiduous during a flare-up because it allows that area to heal. Source(s): Pharmacist
You're not mentioning if you're constipated or not. Diet rich surrounded by fiber helps with regular and soft bowel movement. Other foods that are affecting the hemorrhoids are foods set as "acidic" ( leaving acidic ash contained by the body) and spicy foods.
Acidic body (pH) is an "incubator" for all kind of diseases including hemorrhoids. Also overeating and overweight are contributing to nouns of hemorrhoids, and guess what -overweight people are generally have acidic body pH. Source(s):…
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