Can you pop a Hemorrhoid?

Im 15, and i have an external hermorrhoid. It has come up contained by about 4 days, and is now a cloudy red/purple colour. i was wondering if i can pop it, or will it pop on its own. if i leave it, wot will come to pass? will it eventually go away? thanx
Why are you looking that close at your bum?! Geese!
The answer- if it is sever enough, your doctor can tie it off.
Otherwise, consider Preparation H near hydro-cortisone cream in it. This will shrink the hemorrhoid. In the future, it would be best to put away more fiber, drink plenty of water, and exercise (to prevent constipation). Moreover, don't strain when you have a BM. Let everything come out within its own time...
It is dark red/purple because it is a vein- meaning that near is blood in it- popping would not be a good model and could set you up for infection. Who has ever thought of "popping" a hemorrhoid? You, my friend, have too much time on your hand. he he
Let a physician do this little inscision, in a sterile trend or you may end*up with an infection. In the mean time sit contained by warm tub water. Barb E Source(s): Merck guide and personal experience
I wouldn't advise it as it is a swollen vein. Might bleed pretty inadequately, get infection, etc. Better ask a Doctor's advice or the conservatory nurse.
You are young for hemorrhoids. It might be a cancher sore or other problem. Don't try to be your own doctor.
No,you cant pop it.Try using a hemorrhoid med from the drugstore to shrink it.
if you try and pop it you will die from the stomach-ache
You cannot "pop" it. You can try an OTC hemorrhoid medication and soaking in heat water but if it doesn't begin to resolve soon it will call for evaluation by a physician as they can sometimes be thrombosed which mean has a considerable blood clot in it. If that is the suitcase and yours sounds like it might, it will need open and drained.
yes pop it.
get cream for it---i wouldn't pop it let it drain on ite own
If you pop it you could be in BIG trouble, you could bleed to loss! Don't try it.
You can treat it with suppositories bought from a chemist but as you are so young you should see a doctor roughly it before you self treat.
NO! Go to your doctor. Metamucil will not hurt you. Take one teaspooon of Metamucil a day with a spread. Then get to that doctor as soon as you can.

Don't push when you're going to the bathroom. In fact, instead of pushing, try 'pulling', no business what your body tells you to. Lean from side to side when you're on the toilet. You want to avoid that surgery if at all possible.

And again, shift to the doctor!

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