Can hemorrhoids cream be used to shirnk the vagina??

I have heard that applying hemorrhoids cream to your vagina can shirnk it's size (in other words tighten it up). My problem is boyfriend have an extremely large penis and I am have notice my vagina is not as tight as it was before. I am trying Kegal excersises but they filch forever to work. Has anyone ever heard of the hemorrhoids cream thing?? Any other direction would be helpful..
Yes, it will work but you'd need deeply, a way to spread it throughout and it's only transient.
Um, hemmorhoid cream shrinks and soothes blood vessel, it does NOT tighten muscles.

Trust me, you stick that in your vagina, it is going to hurt like a b****.
No, no, no. NOTHING will tighten/shrink your vagina unless you have surgery. But hemorrhoid cream is GREAT for reducing stacks under your eyes. Hemorrhoid cream is only for anal use and you would own a really BAD reaction putting it in your vagina. Source(s): drug researcher
thats a stupid quiz! duh
dunno..... i know the cream works on zits but i have not heard of it on your vagina... i do the kegal exercises... and yes it take forever.... i hate it...there is a surgery though specifically being offered to women after birth...
I wouldn't try it....
you can go to any adult bookstore and purchase the correct cream that you requirement, I wont advise using hemorrhoid cream.
yeah mine has a huge one too.... ladies, it isnt that amazing.... i can never get rotten
Don't even consider putting that within there!! There is nothing you can do!

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