How do you remove hemorrhoids?

I'm just asking for a friend, I swear. The symptoms are very bumpy and I can barely stand the embarrassment.
Please, please don't do surgery - try natural treatments first - i have hemorrhoids for 10 years - i finally found a good book (read a few crappy ones before that) - hemorrhoids redeemer - and I cured them better than any of the stuff the doctor gave me. my mum had surgery - she be in so much pain, and consequently they came back - don't do it! Source(s): http//
Hi Annitta,

While I own not personally experienced hemorrhoids, I have be told that before you eliminate hemorrhoids by surgery, which involves the adjectives off of the hemorrhoids; there are frequent creams available on the market which may provide a lot of nouns and help you get rid of hemorrhoids for good. I know that my cousin has tried one of these remedies and it has really worked capably for him. So perhaps you could give it a try. I enjoy just asked about it and provided the join below.

I hope I was able to help out. Although I haven't experienced this firsthand, I am always glad to share what I know. Source(s):
Hi, you can remove hemorrhoids any by getting something from your doctor, or by using a natural hemorrhoids remedy.

There are plenty of natural ways to gain rid of hemorrhoids, and I have listed a few below.

1. Try using a sitz tub. This is just a hot bath surrounded by which you mix some sea salt or some apple cider vinegar. Just sit contained by the bath for about 15 minutes a couple of times a hours of daylight. This will help to shrink the hemorrhoid and you will feel some nouns fairly quickly.

2. Hemorrhoids are in general caused by some level of constipation. If you hold to to really strain when you go to the toilet, it can result in the small blood vessel around the area to break. So to start with you could try taking a laxative which allows your bowels to go past waste more easily. However for the long occupancy start eating foods that are high within fibre.

3. You should also try applying a cream containing Aloe Vera to the area. Aloe vera is really moral for healing skin.

You can more information about different unprocessed hemorrhoids cures that you can use at the resource below. Hope this has helped. Source(s):…
a super awful surgery. Many populace regret getting the surgery after its done. Witch Hazel, sold in drug stores put on a cotton ball help down there. Also you don't want to "strain at stool", which means don't push out unyielding poops. Use stool softeners. The swelling will go down. Good luck.

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