Pooping beside hemorrhoids...?

Please help! I have huge protruding hemorrhoids and I hold to poop (TMI, sorry). I'm so scared to go because I'm already within so much pain. I tried to go quicker but every time the poop tried to come out my muscles tightened and wouldn't let it. I know that it is only going to get hold of harder and more painful the longer I wait. My dear husband of late ran down to the pharmacy to get me some stool softeners, but I don't know if it will work since the poop is already surrounded by my anal canal. I know I need to drink lots of marine and up my fiber to prevent future problems but what can I do NOW to help me dance to the bathroom? How do I know if my hemorrhoids are worthy of seeing a doctor?
The most common symptoms of internal hemorrhoids is blood. The blood will usually be noticed covering the stool, on toilet treatise, or in the toilet itself. An internal hemorrhoid may also protrude through the anus outside the body, becoming irritated and painful.

Symptoms of external hemorrhoids may include swelling or a easier said than done lump around the anus. The lump is usually a result of a blood clot forming. This condition is known as a thrombosed external hemorrhoid. External hemorrhoids involve the veins around the anus and can be itchy or bumpy and can sometimes crack and bleed.

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Get preporation H...honestly! When I had just have my daughter I got them all the time and it works really ably. If you need more help than that try milk of magnisia (sp?) I have an idea that the company that puts it out is called Phillips. Read the directions thoroughly though because if you take too much it can in reality cause constipation. If you take it as directed it will work ably. (Trust me, I've been there). The stool softeners aren't going to help you presently, but if you take one tonight and go tonight, it will gross it easier on you tomorrow. Also, if the milk of magnisia doesn't help try a Fleet Enema. Good Luck! Source(s): omg...been in that! =(
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Your muscles tightened up and wouldn't let your poop come out because you were stiff.

A stool softener will work but maybe you can also buy hemorrhoid ointment. It make them hurt less and helps shrink them.

Your doctor can serve by giving you information on how to ease the pain but they will never progress away completely unless you have them surgically removed. But having them removed by operation contained by a hospital is not a pleasant thing. That may be what you will need within the future but try these methods first.

I have 2 hemorrhoids and I chomp through lots of fiber foods and drink lots of water. I also exercise and watch my cargo and it has helped tremendously.

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