Can You Get Hemorrhoids By Having Anal Sex?

So, my boyfriend wants to try anal sex. I've heard from fairly a few people that they have gotten hemorrhoids from doing so. O_o
It is possible, but if you do things right, the probability are pretty low. More often than not, it is the guy's inexperience that causes the girl to grasp hurt.

You need to prepare in credit by learning how to stretch yourself. (Look on the Web for ideas on that, but it primarily means starting with a finger, after using a toy, and then two fingers.) Then, you need to use a ton of lube. Finally, he requirements to go very, terrifically slow. Totally ignore whatever you or he hold seen in language of porn movies. The actors move way too strong. If you do that, he will rip you up. Go dead slow with like mad of lube, then stop if it hurts and wait.

Anal is not for everyone, but it can be a fragment of a healthy sex life, if you do it contained by a loving, gentle manner.

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