Normal Anal Anatomy/Possible Internal Hemorrhoids?

I have recently begin experimenting with anal stimulation on my 19-year-old boyfriend by penetrating his anal cavity next to my finger. About 2-3 inches in my finger comes into contact with something small, smooth, charitable of pointy-ish, and kind of hard-ish (feels almost similar to cartilage but not quite). I don't know what this is and I don't know if it is something normal or something to be concerned nearly. Because I've never really had any experience with anal stimulation since, I'm not really sure what is normal and what isn't.

My boyfriend has have a history of external hemorrhoids, so could it just be an internal hemorrhoid? How should I go just about telling him about this minus sounding weird or embarrassing him?

Any and adjectives help is greatly appreciated.
You sure you wasn't feeling his poop. It can be hard and consistency like cartilage when you stick your finger up there. You adjectives need to find some other stimulation instead of you sticking your finger up his anus. What kind of man is he!
I don't see how this could be crushing to talk to him about when you own been placing your finger up his rectum. Tell him and let him see a doctor. I could be you hold found a piece of feces.
yeah, I think it be some poop you hit.

tell your clod boyfriend that if you're gonna be doing stuff like that that he should: help yourself to a dump before his date, and shower and be sure to use soap and water on his butt and hole.
Say "I deduce one of us has a hemmorid, and I just checked and it isnt me..."

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